Blog and Social Media Coaching for Small Business Owners


Are you gaining traction for your business with social media? How about your blog?

These marketing outlets are wise, and even necessary, tools to put to use for your brand, but not enough small business owners see real results from them.

Managing social media channels and publishing blog posts takes up time and energy. As a business owner, your time is incredibly valuable, and resources aren’t always readily available. Putting effort into social media and a blog takes away from other priorities, and without seeing audience activity or new clients as a result, it can be discouraging to focus more attention there. But, on the other hand, how do you grow those areas of your marketing pipeline, and see the success you know can happen, without making them a priority?

It’s a chicken-and-egg dilemma, and one that we’re focused on solving for small business owners, which is why we’ve launched a new marketing coaching program. With specific blog or social media tracks, this coaching is designed to prevent the wasted-time predicament and turn the tables so small business owners can receive the opportunities that arise from effective, value-focused social media and blog presences.

A look inside our marketing consulting programs

How does this work? The process pairs the best of individual service and digital course settings. We partner individually with small business owners, either in person or virtually, and coach them through our proven blogging and social media management methods, that have been packaged up into step-by-step plans full of best practices and tested strategies. It’s a combination of tailored instruction and a course-like system to follow in either the blog or social media track.

Each major step, often a group of related tasks, is covered during a month, several months in total. Here’s what each month looks like:

They kick off with an in-depth consultation, either in person or virtual, to introduce the next topics, instruct on necessary steps and helpful strategies, and provide custom insights based on the small business and industry.

When the consultation wraps up, we hand off action items, based on the topics, for the small business owner to work on over the rest of the month. Detailed instructions and cheat sheets make it easy, and enjoyable, to implement, and if any questions come up along the way, we are available for unlimited contact. Whether it’s clarifying an action item or asking for feedback on a completed step, we’re there to discuss, review, and deliver even more insights.

Blogging or managing social media, the amount of time you spend planning and honing in on strategies predicts the level of success you will experience in reaching your goals. That’s why planning is such an emphasis in both of our consulting tracks.

5 building blocks in our blog program

1. Objective and persona development

A solid first step in any marketing endeavor is defining a goal. It’s the top-of-mind mantra that guides all blog planning and topic brainstorming. Since blog goals often involve prospective buyers, we also cover how to create personas, detailed representations of your ideal customers, to create a firm foundation for your blog.

2. Content and editorial calendar plan

With a goal and persona(s) in hand, we move on to the ins and outs of brainstorming blog post ideas that speak straight to those ideal customers while helping them make purchasing decisions. An editorial calendar organizes your ideas and creates a system for blogging.

3. Writing formula and best practices

A strong blog post identifies with your persona, offers value to an interest or pain point or they have, and builds your authority and trust as a helpful resource. In this step, we unlock writing strategies and specifics to cover those bases and make sure grammar slip-ups aren’t keeping ideal customers away.

4. Editing and publishing how-to

A dive into the technical side of your blog, we go over the exact steps and best practices to publish blog posts on your website, with added tips to make sure they can be found on Google and appear correctly on social media channels.

5. Promotion and analytics guide

Make your optimized blog posts do some heavy lifting for your business by taking advantage of marketing opportunities to get the most eyes possible on them, while also reading and understanding the signs analytics give you about blog post performance.

4 sections in our social media program

1. Objective and strategy development

Your goal directs every step in this process, so this first section is spent identifying and narrowing in on a main objective that takes the driver’s seat in your social media strategy, which will focus on industry-specific insights, channel-based strategies, and a checklist of action items.

2. Channel and editorial calendar setup

Next, it’s time to get your identified social media channels up and running or optimized, while also determining how to best serve your ideal clients with content that aligns with the developed strategy and goal.

3. Posting 101

No detail is too small or question too basic. We walk through every component of crafting and publishing social media posts, including how to schedule out content.

4. Analytics measurement and meaning

Data gleaned from analytics can drive major changes (and growth) in your direction on social media. We’ll define main metrics to watch, how to track trends, and what decisions to make based on the information.

Ready to DIY your marketing

Once you’ve wrapped up the blog or social media coaching track, it’s time to put the strategies, tools, and tips you’ve learned (and started work on) in action and continue those marketing efforts to position your brand as a consistent, value-driven resource for ideal customers.

If either of these one-on-one coaching programs sounds like the tool that could jump-start your growth in the coming months, fill out the form below to get a conversation started on how we can make progress on the pain points you’re tired of experiencing.

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