One-on-one blog and social media instruction specifically for small business owners

As a small business owner, marketing is one of many duties that fill up your plate.

You’ve got countless topics to think through, navigate, and take action on in your business, and odds are, blogging and managing social media do not come naturally for you.

Even if you don’t find it difficult, can you say that you’re thrilled with the results and sales your blog and social media are bringing in your door?

What if there was a resource to teach you exactly how to blog and run social media to make the most impact, at a pace that fits your schedule and a payment plan that’s spread out over time?

Good news—there is. Our blog and social media coaching programs dive deep into the inner workings of your business and highlight exactly what you need to know to build a loyal base of ideal customers.

Over the course of four months, we cover four modules (one per month) crucial to managing your blog or social media channels.

Each month includes:

  • Coaching session

    In person or virtually, we cover a critical step in blog or social media management, including necessary steps, smart strategies, and custom insights based on your business and industry.

  • Action items

    Each coaching session wraps with action items to work on over the next month. Detailed guides and worksheets lead you through steps to set up and optimize.

  • Unlimited communication

    Get in touch at any time with questions, requests to review your action item progress, or to have a conversation based on a lightbulb moment.

Take a closer look at our coaching programs:

1 | Objective and customer persona development

Based on your business, your blog objective sets the tone for all following efforts. During the first month, we define your main goal and cover how to craft detailed, value-focused personas based on your ideal customers.

2 | Content and editorial calendar planning

Next, we dive into how to best serve your ideal customers, or personas, through blog content. By the end of the month, you’ll have an editorial calendar mapped out with topics that will speak straight to the needs of your ideal customers and position you as a go-to resource.

3 | Post writing and best practices

With strategic content topics in hand, we dig in to an easy-to-follow formula that leads you through every content-crafting step, as well as best practices proven to attract readers and turn them into fans of your brand.

4 | Post editing and publishing

This how-to module leaves you with the knowhow and confidence to load, prep, and publish blog posts from the backend of your website. We also cover best practices for SEO and blog settings to ensure your posts are optimized for the web.

Bonus: Promotion and analytics guide

Analytics tell a powerful story about your blog performance. Once you’ve wrapped up the four modules, and months, of blog coaching, you receive our in-depth guide to promoting your posts and tracking top analytics in order to identify any issues and gain reader insights.

1 | Strategy development

A smart social media strategy is comprehensive, but not complex. Together, we build a custom strategy for you business based on your business goals, industry-specific insights, channel best practices, a competitor audit, and a checklist of action items.

2 | Channel and editorial calendar setup

Informed by your strategy, we set up (if necessary) and optimize social media channels before moving on to mapping out a content plan focused on achieving your goals and cultivating a community around your brand.

3 | Posting 101

Posting may seem basic, but there are plenty of finer details that can be missed. We’ll walk through how to write captions, set images, research hashtags, and schedule out content.

4 | Analytics measurement and meaning

Data gleaned from analytics can drive major changes (and growth) in your social media presence. We’ll define main metrics to watch, how to track trends, and what decisions to make based on insights.

Coaching is a fit for you if…

Your small business is brand new, and you’re looking to take smart first steps to establish your marketing efforts.

You’ve poured time and resources into managing your blog and/or social media channels, and you are frustrated by a lack of results to help grow your business.

You’re ready to prioritize marketing tasks in your schedule but want to know the exact steps to make the most impact.

You’re comfortable with spending four months immersed in coaching steps.

You want a strong, recognizable brand that attracts ideal customers.


Single Coaching Program

$300 per month

Total: $1,200 over four months

Coaching Program Duo

$500 per month

Total: $2,000 over four months

Features both coaching programs over the course of four months

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